Action Plan


The specific research goals of the NOVI – STREP concentrate on:

  • How to federate different kinds of resources in virtualized e-Infrastructures (WP2, WP3)
  • How to formally describe virtualized network and cloud objects in a complex environment, assisted by semantic methods. What ontologies are best suited to describe resources of different kinds (WP2)
  • How to build slices of virtualized infrastructure at the data, control, monitoring and provisioning planes. How to describe their relationships and technical attributes - (WP3)
  • How to (co-) allocate resources with QoS attributes and how to set up the monitoring system to allow for accountable, predictable Future Internet services (WP3)
  • How to enrich the FIRE facility with federated models and methods enabling comprehensive and reproducible experiments (WP2, WP3, WP4)


  • WP1 - Project Management
  • WP2 - Information & Data Models for Resource Abstraction & Composition in Federated
  • WP3 - Control - Management Plane Extensions for Monitoring & Resource Brokering
  • WP4 - Monitoring - Resource Allocation – Authentication Toolset:Prototype Integration
  • WP5 - Dissemination, Standardisation and Exploitation

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